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Week One – Lessons Learned July 10, 2010

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Week One of Mom’s Summer Camp has passed and I’m very happy with the results.  The first day was a bit rough with the boys saying they really didn’t want to participate.  I think they saw how important it was to me so they went with it and the first day, though a bit of a struggle, went well.  We made up our camp song.  Not so much “made up” as it was “borrowed” from Duck Tales.  The boys just added in the words “Mom’s Camp” and the song was born.

We also made tye-dye shirts for everyone.  That was a fun experience and the boys enjoyed the hands on.  We took it all outside to do so any mess was easy to clean up.  Although now that the boys are older the clean up that I remember from crafts from years gone by is so much easier.  I remember tackling crafts with them when they were young and the clean up process took much longer than the craft itself.  Both the boys enjoyed making the t-shirts and after putting them away to set overnight we went back in the house to read the book we had chosen – David Copperfield.

I know, right?  David Copperfield is not a light read but the story is beautiful.  I’m not sure how far we’ll get into it since I could see the boys starting to lose interest after about page 2.  Old english is a hard sell.  We persevered through Chapter One but honestly we may have to pick another book to keep their interest.  Personally, I love the book and I’d have read for hours that day.  The rest of the week has gone well.  We made chocolate chip cookies, played a 2 1/2 hour-long monopoly game and went to a movie matinée.

Here’s what I’ve noticed.  My boys and I are more connected – truly – and I feel like they actually want to be with me.  The first day as we sat around the table to get input from them for what they wanted to do I told them the truth about Mom’s Summer Camp.  I told them I doing it because they will not be around forever, they will leave home before I know it and I want to take the time now while I can to spend it with them.  I enjoy being with my kids and it’s too easy to let work and life get in the way.

Here’s the best tip I can give – it came from my husband.  Try not to focus on the amount of time you spend but on the quality of that time.  For example, the first day of Mom’s Summer Camp only lasted about 2 hours because I could tell they were getting bored (good old Charles Dickens), so I called it a day.  The next day, after we made the cookies, one of the boys suggested monopoly and the camp lasted five hours that day!  Both days were a success because I knew the boys wanted to be there.

We’ve got lots planned for the weeks ahead.  E-bay week, making Saskatoon berry jam, more movies and days at the beach.


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